Sample Retainership Agreement For Legal Services Philippines

If you feel that appointing a private lawyer might be too much for you, you can also check that you are qualified for free public legal assistance from the prosecutor`s office (PAO), as the four fees listed above are only among the most common fees you should pay for a private lawyer. You should keep in mind that there are other fees that lawyers can pay and it is always best for both of you to inquire about them. However, if you do not qualify for PAO services, please feel free to contact Yap, Kung, Ching & Associates Law Services at +632 790-0112 to help you get the legal support you need. In the field of legal advice in general, there is no standard price or tariff. A lawyer`s fees depend heavily on: 13. The law firm, in addition to the services listed here, will serve the client well and faithfully and will at all times devote all its time and attention to the orders and tasks that will be entrusted to it and / or entrusted by the client, and will do and execute all the services, actions and related things that the CLIENT will direct from time to time; the law firm must also not put itself in a situation of conflict of interest between those of the client and the law firm and / or their clients; Here in the Philippines, if you are thinking about using legal services, the first thing citizens would think about is the amount of money that would be involved. The law firm makes itself available to the client or its duly accredited employees for consultation in all matters or matters requiring legal advice and an opinion concerning the company in question in general.