Chief Financial Officer Employment Agreement

4.4. Inventions. You are required to provide the Company without delay with all original works of authorship, designs, formulas, processes, improvements, material compositions, computer software, data, information or databases, methods, processes or other inventions, Any development or improvement that you design, develop, develop, improve, modify and/or create during your period of employment or as a result of such use (all “Inventions”) or if such inventions may also be contained in “Confidential Information” or “Trade Secrets” (as defined in this Agreement), patentable, protected by copyright or protected as trade secrets, are immediately disclosed and made available to the company. You acknowledge and acknowledge that the Company is and will be the exclusive owner of all right, title and interest in the Inventions, and in particular that all copyrighted works that you have created in the course of your employment are “Rental Works” within the meaning of Copyright Law, that these “rental works” are inventions and that the company is considered the author and owner of these copyrighted works. In the event that an invention is not considered a “rental work” or if the law allows you to retain rights, title or interest in an invention, you irrevocably waive all rights, title and interest and charge them to the company, without further consideration and regardless of the use of these inventions by the company, all right, title and interest, if any, in and to this invention. .